2018 Tax Table Updates Installation Instructions - FarmBooks 4.x Users

These instructions only pertain to individuals that applied the tax table update prior to January 17, 2018 in order to do January payroll. The IRS had not released the 2018 tax rates and so 2017 tax rates where used.

To reload your Tax Table - DO NOT use Complete ALL Year-End Tasks, but instead use Advanced Steps: Step 2: Update Table

Update Steps

1. Close your farm if open by clicking File: Close Farm
Step 2

For Version or later use below:

2.Click Year-End: Advanced Steps: Step 2: Update Tax Table...
Step 1

For Version to

2.Click Year-End: Step 2:Update Tax Table...
Step 1

For Version 4.0.4.x or earlier use below:

2.Click Utilities: Update Tax Table...
Step 1


3. The Update Tax Table Wizard will load. Select the "Download via Internet Connection" radio button and then click Next.
Step 2

4. Choose a farm you want to apply an update to or select all farms and click Next
Step 3

5. Once completed, click OK and then Done
Step 4

Now that you have installed the new tax rates, it will be necessary to manually re-calculate the taxes withholds for ALL salaried employees

1. Open your Farm (click on File: Open Farm->2018 fiscal year)

2. Click on Setup: External Codes

3. Click on Employees

4. For each employee, select their name and then press the Edit button. Please note this step only has to be done for each SALARIED employee. It is not necessary for any HOURLY employees.

5. The Edit Employee screen will load. Click on the Next button to go to the Earnings and Benefits / Deductions Info screen.

6. Within the Earnings and Benefits / Deductions Info screen screen, click on the Calculate 2018 Taxes button.

7. You will notice the Apply button has turned green. Click on it and then click on the Finish button to close the employee window .

Repeat steps 4 thru 7 for all salaried employees.