2018 Tax Table Updates Installation Instructions - FarmBooks 4.x Users

The instructions below will guide you through the installation of FarmBooks Accounting Software.

This process will overwrite your existing tax table. The tax table will be copied from the "default" folder for the application. The values you defined for farm automobile, farm utility, and unemployment taxes will be saved and restored.

We are pleased to release the 2018 Tax Table update for Farmbooks. This update is based off the tables published by the IRS. Please take time and review your payroll checks and calculations to confirm that all calculations are correct.

You will need to check back for updates and we will be sending notifications for any changes.

Attention  Have you applied your Tax Table Update prior to January 17, 2018?

In order to run payroll for January 2018 some FarmBooks users applied the tax table update prior to January 17, 2018. Since the IRS had not released the 2018 rates at that time the 2017 rates were used. If you are one of these users pleaes CLICK HERE FOR DETAILED STEPS on how to ensure you have the current 2018 rates installed on your version of FarmBooks.

Users that did not install the rates early can run their updates as they normally would (see install instructions below).

Attention  Explanation of 2018 changes

Please see the screen shot below for an explanation of the 2018 rate changes.

Screen Shot

Click to enlarge

Are you running FarmBooks outside of Kansas?

We have included the tax table information for Kansas. Please find other state tax files listed below.

  • Missouri tax file

If you are running payroll in another state please contact us for assistance so that we can carry over your state income tax rates.

Attention  Need to download the update to take with you?

Some users need to download the Tax Table Update to take to a computer which does not have internet access. If you are one of those users, please click here for update instructions and to download the file.

Step 1: Backup FarmBooks

1. Open FarmBooks

2. Close your farm if open by clicking File: Close Farm
Step 2

3. Backup your database by clicking File: Backup
Step 3

4.Select your farm database(s) to backup and click Next.
Step 4

5. Verify your backup folder and click Finish.
Step 5

6. After the backup is completed, click OK and then close out of the backup screen.
Step 6

Step 2: Run "Update Tax Table" from within FarmBooks

For Version or later use below:

1. Click Year-End: Complete ALL Year-End Tasks
Step 1

For Version to

1.Click Year-End: Step 2:Update Tax Table...
Step 1

For Version 4.0.4.x or earlier use below:

1.Click Utilities: Update Tax Table...
Step 1


2. The Update Tax Table Wizard will load. Select the "Download via Internet Connection" radio button and then click Next.
Step 2

3. Choose a farm you want to apply an update to or select all farms and click Next
Step 3

4. Once completed, click OK and then Done
Step 4

5. FarmBooks is now updated with the 2018 Tax Rates.